Modern Families: Current Challenges, Equal Rights and Ways to Protect their Wealth

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Modern Families: Current Challenges, Equal Rights and Ways to Protect their Wealth

Seminar presented by the UIA in collaboration with the City of Westminster and Holborn Law Society, with the support of the Law Society of England and Wales

In the ever changing modern landscape, families in the 21st century are shaped by multiple trends and lifestyles. Same sex marriages, gender identity, single parenthood, surrogacy, fertility treatments and international adoption are changing the structures of what was historically deemed a “traditional family”. The “modern family” requires significant attention for its ever changing progression. The rights to form a family and the rights to marriage and parenthood differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, leading concernedly to lack of protection of the identity of children and adults. The law is not changing at the same speed as our society in all jurisdictions and the lack of consistency on the recognition of family rights is leading to lack of international legal security and more concerning, forum shopping. The current political atmosphere is not assisting on adapting our legal systems with the current society’s demands. The current global crisis is building barriers which are standing in the way of adapting to the recent requirements of the “modern family”. Together with our family rights as individuals we need to take into consideration the protection of the family’s assets in an international modern family. Heirs have different status depending on whether there is a will and/or what jurisdiction would determine the legacy. These families require help for planning their futures concerning the international aspects of their families and businesses worldwide. The family lawyer has also felt the need to modernise. Social media impacts relationships and self-identity as well as the ways of producing evidence in the family courts globally. Technology is starting to behave in intelligent and unpredictable ways that even its creators do not understand. The authenticity of evidence in family proceedings is a current professional challenge as social media goes beyond the control of the court’s powers. With the legal framework only just catching up with the 21st century, the UIA in collaboration with The Law Society of England and Wales and The City of Westminster and Holborn Law Society invites you to this unmissable seminar titled “Modern Families: Current Challenges, Equal Rights and Ways to Protect their Wealth”. Held on September 23 to 25, 2021, this seminar will be held and presented by an insightful and interactive panel of family lawyers, private practitioners and other professionals from all over the world. Included amidst the talks is an exciting social programme, including numerous networking opportunities in London historical buildings like the House of Lords, the Supreme Court, the Middle Temple Inn and The Law Society of England and Wales. Register now to secure your place to this one of a kind event. We are looking forward to welcoming you to London! The registration programme will be available soon. For more information or if you are interested in joining the event as a speaker, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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