Cabo Verde, une porte d’entrée en Afrique – Investissements étrangers et opportunités d’affaires du 08 au 10 avril 2015 à Praia, Cabo Verde

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Cabo Verde is located in the West coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Its geographic location and political stability are the right ingredients to be considered as a strategic point and a link between Europe, Africa and America. Indeed, the perspective of the country is to call more public/private investments originating traditional trading partners and European countries (Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Norway, etc.). A friendly investment atmosphere and the innovative new system « One Stop Shop » warrants a management of the investment project in less than 75 days.

Thus, this seminar aims to disclose the main business and investment opportunities in Cabo Verde and to introduce its special investment law recently changed.

Local speakers will share their local knowledge with speakers coming from jurisdictions around the world who had already seen the attraction of the archipelago and its benefits.

Finally, it will be the opportunity to discover Cabo Verde, well known as a welcoming country, with a strong culture.

Please download the FLYER !

Seminar organised by the UIA Foreign Investment commission with the support of the Ordem dos Advogados de Cabo Verde

Les participants au séminaire pourront obtenir des points dans le cadre de la formation continue. Chaque participant recevra un certificat de participation à la fin du séminaire.
Pour plus d’informations, merci de contacter l’UIA.